Empowering rural communities towards

Sustainable Development

PhilDHRRA General Assembly “PhilDHRRA @39: Adapt, Innovate, and Diversify”

AsiaDHRRA’s Program Manager Ms. Luchie Blanco attended Phildhrra‘s Sustainability and Innovation Summit and General Assembly and presented a study on Digital Agriculture during the breakout session under “Innovate.” She also discussed AsiaDHRRA’s Strategic Plan and its contribution to accomplishing PhilDHRRA’s objectives in the ongoing General Assembly.

The General Assembly themed “PhilDHRRA @39: Adapt, Innovate, and Diversify” aims to foster awareness and appreciation of current trends and good practices to achieve sustainability within its network and stakeholders; facilitate cooperation and collaboration between organizations and the government; and foster alignment of programs to reduce poverty and inequality to contribute to national development. The event was held on 16-19 May 2023 at Cebu City.

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