Strengthening Network Members for Empowered Communities

PhilDHRRA is a national network of NGOs focused on asset reform, rural development, and environmental protection, working together to empower communities across the Philippines.

PhilDHRRA (Philippine  Development for Human Resources in Rural Areas) recognizes that sustainable rural development is not solely dependent on asset reform but also necessitates a holistic approach. The organization works tirelessly to facilitate capacity-building programs, knowledge-sharing platforms, and training opportunities for community members.

By enhancing their skills, promoting entrepreneurship, and strengthening local institutions, PhilDHRRA equips individuals with the tools necessary to improve their livelihoods and create sustainable change.

Our Statementof Purpose

Communities living a dignified life

PhilDHRRA envisions a society that is characterized by participatory democracy, equality, national sovereignty, economic prosperity, cultural autonomy, gender equity, and environmental sustainability. Relevant and self-reliant NGOs will make a significant contribution to the attainment of this society. 

Why JoinPhilDHRRA?

Our main focus at PhilDHRRA is to help our network members become effective and efficient development institutions that make a positive impact in their operational areas. The influence our members have in the communities they serve is crucial for realizing our vision. We aim to expand our membership to reach more areas and, most importantly, to assist our members in improving their institutional capabilities in project planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Our locationsAll over the Country

PhilDHRRA has a wide-ranging presence in the Philippines, with headquarters in Metro Manila and locations in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, focusing on rural development, indigenous rights, coastal resilience, education, and advocacy offices, all working to empower and uplift rural communities nationwide.

PhilDHRRA in Luzon

  1. CARITAS – CACERES (NAGA), INC. Caritas-Caceres
  2. Caceres Social Action Foundation, Inc.
  3. Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (CARRD)
  4. Dundacion Santiago
  5. Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc. (GDFI)
  6. Northern Luzon Federation of Cooperatives and Development Center (NORLU CEDEC)

PhilDHRRA in Visayas

  1. Bohol Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (BIDEF)
  2. Family of God’s Little Children - FGLC
  3. Lihok Pilipina Foundation, Inc.
  4. “Paghida-et sa Kauswagan” Development Group Incorporated (PDG Inc.)
  5. Participatory Research Organization of Communities and Education Towards Struggle for Self-Reliance (PROCESS Bohol, Inc.)
  6. VICTO National Cooperative Federation and Development Center (VICTO National)
  7. Western Samar Development Foundation, (WESADEF) Inc.)

PhilDHRRA in Mindanao

  1. Growth, Organizational Upliftment of People, Inc.
  2. Institute of Primary Health Care (IPHC)
  3. Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc.
  4. Kaanib Foundation
  5. Maguindanaon Development Foundation, Inc.
  6. Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI)
  7. MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center
  8. Notre Dame Business Resource Center Foundation, Inc.
  9. South Cotabato Foundation, Inc.
  10. Surigao Economic Development and Microfinance Foundation, Inc. (SEDMFI)
  11. Xavier Agricultural Extension Service Foundation, Inc. (XAESFI)